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You're stale.

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Crypto used to be very underground. I got my first crypto off localbitcoins meeting some 40 year old guy in a GT3RS that pulled up to Starbucks and took my cash. We had the first hype wave of ICO's. Actually revolutionary; the ability to fundraise and create liquid projects + ideas instantly. But of course, as all good things we had to sabotage it and raise money for scams like Dentacoin (will save 3rd world dentists btw) and Hookercoin (it's a new Onlyfans competitor!). Then we had 2018-2019 where everyone I knew from the previous cycle left and got jobs in diff industries. I stayed. Working for a vc and doing research on the new world of "DeFi" that was emerging. Then came 2020. The march 14th crash was the second time i bought ethereum since 2016. I remember distinctly being at my friends house who Ive known for years. We were watching the news; NASDAQ crashing crypto crashing. He said hey ETH just went under 100$ we should buy. I said no this crash is going to be horrible it's not gonna recover. We debated for a few hours, i smoked half a pack of cigarettes, and later that evening he convinced me to open up Coinbase. I ran that small buy from the crash over 100+x On the way I met so many people, helped projects grow and pump, conceptualized and branded NFT launches, designed and launched marketing strategies for coins, built a network of influencers all while staying relatively lowkey. I think my fatal flaw as a human is I'm too hard on myself and never give myself enough credit. I worked 16+ hour days for 3 years straight and helped a lot of people make a lot of money. Juggling advisory calls, contracted project work, vc calls, and trading coins/NFTs. I worked myself to the bone. No one ever really congratulated me, most of my IRL friends had no idea the world i was immersed in. I got screwed over a few times putting in more work and not being compensated contractually what I was owed. But that's crypto honestly. The biggest scam industry with the highest concentration of rats. We play in the toughest jungle to make the biggest bucks, baby! I say all this to bring you full circle to where we are now. Stuck in the mud.

There’s an entire sector of crypto that is a disillusioned house of mirrors

I like to call it The Stuff No One Wants. If your idea sucks and is lame, no one wants it. They don't want it if it were a trad equity raise, they don't want it if it's a shiny crypto token. No one wants to invest in something that no one wants to use. If no one wants what you're building or offering, why should people beyond the intended user of the product buy or invest? We've moved past the crypto era of raising money for *anything* and making a success out of it. 90% of projects in crypto are dying or already dead.

Most look like this:

-Raised money pre 2021

-Product is some obscure crypto adjacent thing that no one needs or will use (music nfts, defi loan platform, launchpad idea, crypto credit card, some web3 phygital grift)

-Product coming soon for 3 years (some have products but no users; bc no one wants it..)

-Twitter accounts with 50k bot followers and 2 likes per post. -Founders somehow all living in SE Asia bungalows, their *work* is attending conferences once every other month to show face.

-Marketing is done by 3rd world "agencies" that specialize on artificially boosting social numbers thru 10$ giveaways.

-The token launches and slowly goes to zero as seed investors slowly pull their unlocks out of a sinking ship every month. Stale. Now, some light.

I only stuck around in crypto this long because I truly am a believer in the decentralized tech we use and build on having a net positive effect on the world we live in. Uniswap? I use it daily. Blur? I use it daily. 1inch? i use it daily. Telegram? I use it daily. There are products we NEED in crypto that reach beyond the crypto degnerate desire to just ape into something and make more dollars. I initially got interested in investing in 2015 from reading Peter Lynch's Learn to Earn. I was fascinated by the idea that things people use and need could be invested in. I invested in ethereum bc i believed we needed a medium of value to serve as the basis of the internet; to borderlessly transact instantly and build applications all over the world. Now ethereum went up 1000x and is used to fund and create startups all over the world. There is always something to invest in because humans will always have needs and wants. And as we move to a more online-based society, I believe a lot of the needs + wants will be tech & services accessible from your comp. There is an enormous disconnect from the people who have a lot of money wanting to invest/create in crypto and the crypto end user. VC's have no idea what crypto users want, and as a result, most of them have closed shop. Seed round funding in crypto is down something like 60% compared to previous years. I have VC's messaging me what meme coins to buy... There IS money that WANTS to invest in crypto, they just have ZERO idea what to build or what anyone wants anymore. This is where i come in. As a retired degenerate "ape" (lol), I swing around daily in the jungle of "on-chain" crypto with people building communities, ape-ing into scams for that coveted 10x, deving to build products/services etc. These are people that BUY crypto projects to invest and become community members bc they believe in the products; the true leaders of this niche space. People leading the space pioneering novel concepts aren't Chinese billionaires or rich venture fund guys. It's every-day-Joes fed up with not having the product or service they want in the industry so they build it, and people that see their vision and want to help grow a product they want to use. There is a notion we must get back to in crypto; value investing.

We (myself included) got a little wrapped up in the meme-coin hype of 2023. Valuing meaningless tokens akin to doge as the answer to ending vc reign! Whew a token that means nothing and a project that does nothing but a picture of a frog! To the moon! For a brief period of a couple months this seemed like the end all goal for crypto. Creating tokens out of thin air and having everyone buy. This is good till the hype runs out. And in general, partially as a result of the meme-coins and scammy NFTs; hype ran out on crypto. We must return to tradition. Build stuff that crypto end users want, thus making crypto more accessible and approachable to newcomers, and by doing so creating opportunity for VC's and "big money" to invest and further grow our tiny industry. A good example recently would be on-chain trading tools like Maestro or Unibot. Two years ago the only people "sniping" contracts upon launch were people who knew how to code or extensively understand etherscan. Someone saw a hole in the market for being able to offer a paid service that you could set up to snipe contracts and sell/buy at certain pre-determined points. Extremely valuable. No VC money, no billionaire Chinese backing, no marketing really, just a product people wanted and were willing to pay for. Maestro has no token and Unibot has a token that has done 50x+. Sometimes I think I'm delusional picturing a world where most all global transactions are done on eth or side chains, NFTs represent your online identity + community, and the majority of your friends will be built and maintained thru the internet. But then again i just remind myself that I'm right and early ;) The next crypto cycle imo will trump the previous few, and the best ideas that will 100x are being formed right now. This is my open letter to the industry that I want to help and build things i believe in. I know what people want, I know what investors want, i know how to connect the two and create a vision that the entire bell curve can get on board with. I offer: -creative consulting (ideation, branding, conceptualization)

-product market fit (finding your why or why not)

-social media growth (organic following, marketing campaigns, giveaways)

-general advisory (go to market strat, roadmaps, campaigns, rollout and planning around events)

-influencer reach (paid posts, influencer seeding, twitter spaces, conferences + events)

-access to my network that I've built over 7 years in the industry.

Projects I've worked on:

-unification (xFund) -shib community (bone, ytsla, dmt)

-Ultra -Rottenswap -Flexa

-EthereansOS (NONnation)

-Reign of Terror -Revest -launched campaigns for 3 sold out NFT collections Ideas I'm interested in: -NEW nft concepts/brands (i believe social identity and NFT brand building is the next bull run of crypto and we've seen only the start of it with the ugly bored apes. There is an open wild west of engineering online internet-based brands that will serve as cornerstones of identity for the youth as IRL modals of identity have become played out *will write separate piece on this*) -deFi products with usecases (products that solve problems for people with 100$ to 10k$ in crypto. The biggest crypto products imo will help the little man and not the big whale. Aggregators save me a few $ every transaction, on-chain trading tools save me $ and help me make multiples on small transactions etc) -a social layer/tool for web3 (this has been tried SO many times ie steemit etc, but i think it is such a needed thing. Degenscore, Nansen, Iceytools all kind of scrape the surface here. There IS a way to create a more meaningful and accessible on-chain social understanding of players and entities in crypto. It is obvious this will become a thing with twitter implementing verified NFT pfps, and the majority of successful traders wallet tracking to win)

-mental health service/retreat for crypto (this is a personal goal of mine to have some part in a facility or service that helps crypto industry professionals deal with the mental toll a 24/7 online work life creates. Ive seen too many people burn out, off themselves, lose interest, or blow their entire portfolio. I just want to help) For inquiries:

-feel free to dm me on twitter @apeocolypse <3

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